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Free domestic shipping on orders over $100

Crystal Smudge Wand


We lovingly handcrafted these crystal smudge wands with locally foraged cedar and homegrown mugwort, wormwood, lavender and daisies - they're a beautiful way to honor the earth and bring a little nature into your home!

Traditionally, smudging has been used to clear personal space of either stagnant or negative energy or to cleanse the air from airborne bacteria and viruses after an illness. Smudge wands also make a wonderful addition to your altar space or other favorite spot in your house. 

Each smudge wand also comes with a clear quartz crystal wrapped on top. Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal and it will hold whatever intention you charge it with - they're also perfect for energetically infusing anything from your favorite drink to your bath water.

To use: Simply light the end of the dried herbs and gently blow out the flame once well lit. Then take the stick and slowly wave it in the areas you wish to cleanse, making sure the smoke reaches all the areas you want to clear out. It's best to have a small bowl or abalone shell to catch any pieces that may fall during the smudging. When you're done, you can add a little water to the end of the stick to stop the burn and let air dry for use next time.

Each stick is approximately 5 inches long and thick enough to smudge a large house. These can also be used multiple times for smaller space clearings. 

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