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Tulsi + Rose Honey • limited offering • 4oz bottle


We handcrafted this soothing honey by slowly infusing our homegrown rose petals and tulsi (holy basil) with delicious PNW cruelty-free honey to create a magical blend that helps soothe and relax your heart and your mind. 

Try some in your tea (the yummiest!), coffee, smoothie, drizzled over yogurt or ice cream, added to sparkling water or just taken it by the spoonful! There's few things as nourishing and healing as good quality honey and the healing energy can be felt in every drop! This botanically infused honey can also be used as a nourishing face mask or added to the base of any of our Goddess Face masks! 

This is a seasonal offering and there are limited bottles available until the next harvest! 

Each bottle is a generous 4oz that will last awhile when used by the spoonful. 

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