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Translucent Finishing Powder - INTO THE VEIL

Original Price $18.00
Current Price $12.00

This all-natural translucent powder is perfect for setting your makeup. It has a slight sheen to help your skin glow and is very lightweight and can be applied over both liquid or mineral foundations. Made of natural earth-based ingredients, this setting powder is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. 

To apply: With the sifter top opened and the cap secured in place, gently tap the jar upside down to disperse the powder to the top. Carefully remove the cap and dab a large, soft bristled makeup brush into the loose powder, tapping the brush afterwards to remove excess powder before applying. Start applying to the area you'd like the most coverage in and then brush outwards along the remainder of your face, reapplying powder to brush as needed. If desired, you can finish off with a setting spray to add additional moisture for dry skin. 

Ingredients: Mica powder, organic aloe leaf powder, intention & love. 

This finishing powder comes packaged in a 20g sifter jar with a matte black lid.