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A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund
A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund.

Season of the Witch Gift Set

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Celebrate the Witch's Season with this little box filled with magical delights! 

Included in this set are the following full-sized offerings:

Spirit Tea - This beautiful herbal tea blend is handcrafted with organic mugwort, gotu kola, tulsi and oatstraw to help relax your mind and attune your spirit to the divine. This is an excellent caffeine-free blend for meditation, trancework, dreamwork, and divination (12 oz net volume)

Magick Miel - A special honey blend that can be added to your coffee or tea to help strengthen your connection to the spirit world and offer protection, love, and luck to your day. You can use the powdered herbs as a leaf-reading divination after drinking the liquid out of your cup as well (4oz glass jar)

Witch's PotionThis special essence blend is formulated with a combination of magickal plants and crystals that help strengthen and cleanse the aura, provide protection and healing and offer a greater connection to the spirit world (1 oz glass bottle)

Third Eye Oil - This gentle divination oil is botanically infused with mugwort, palo santo, lavender, cedarwood, white sage and lemurian quartz to create a powerful blend for divination and dreaming. This sweet smelling oil is also excellent for astral projection, meditation or trancework (1oz glass bottle)

Retail value of these individual items is $68 - purchasing them as a set saves you $13! <3