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Herbal Hair Rinse

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Adding our herbal hair rinse can help strengthen your locks, balance pH and ease itchy, dry scalp and signs of dandruff. 

We infused organic Apple Cider Vinegar with our homegrown Calendula and Rosemary then added wildcrafted Nettles, Horsetail and Raspberry Leaf to create a potent blend of healthy-hair herbs that can be used weekly to clarify and strengthen your scalp, create volume and soften your tresses. 

To use: Dilute 2 Tbsp of herbal rinse into 8oz of filtered or spring water. Pour or spray into hair and either rinse out or leave in for a longer treatment (the vinegar smell will go away once your hair dries). Use once a week (or twice if your hair is considerably oily or has significant buildup)

You may need to play around with the amount of vinegar to use, depending on your personal hair type and length. Use more vinegar for oily and long hair (past the collarbone) and less for dry or short hair. 

Each bottle is 4 fl oz and will make 8 weekly treatments (2 months worth of hair rinses).