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A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund
A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund.

Elixir Gift Set

Original Price $55.00
Current Price $45.00

Interested in trying plant medicine but aren't sure where to start or which blends are a good fit for you? We've made it easier for you by putting together a set of our best-selling wildcrafted elixirs to try! 

Inside each set you will find 1/2oz bottles of the following elixirs: 

Pain Potion - Formulated with anti-inflammatory herbs to help ease aches and pains

Allergy Elixir - An effective combination of anti-inflammatory herbs and relaxing herbs that will help ease your histamine response and decrease the symptoms of seasonal allergies

Sleeping Potion - If you're struggling with sleep, this combination of gentle nervine herbs can help ease your mind and guide you into you sleep without feeling drowsy in the morning

Bitters Blend - Formulated with bitter plants that can help get your gastric juices flowing and prime the pump for better digestion, often preventing many common digestive issues from occurring

Stress Less - An adaptogenic blend that helps balance the body's adrenal system, easing sympathetic response levels for those in constant high-stress states

This tincture set will come packaged in a beautiful red gift box with a bow on top. Retail value of this combo set is $55 if purchased separately.