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A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund
A portion of every order is donated to the Native American Rights Fund.

Dark Moon Tooth Powder


Tooth powders have been used for centuries to help remove plaque and freshen breath and are a natural, flouride-free way to keep your teeth clean - we also added activated charcoal to this blend to help remove stains and discoloration.

Bentonite Clay is high in minerals (especially calcium, magnesium and iron) and naturally binds to toxins to help remove bacteria and buildup. 

Activated Charcoal helps remove stains and discoloration

Horsetail is a plant naturally high in silica, which is essential for remineralizing bones (we wildcrafted this horsetail ourselves!)

Diatomaceous Earth is also high in silica and helps ease plaque buildup, adds additional trace minerals and helps soothe inflammation related to gum disease and gingivitis 

Cloves and Cinnamon help regulate inflammation and ease pain

Cardamom and Peppermint help freshen breath while fighting inflammation and bacteria 

You can either use this tooth powder daily or as a supplement to your personal dental routine. You can even combine this tooth powder with a coconut oil base to make a paste (or use it as an oil pull). 

This powder is essential oil free and does not contain baking soda, which are both oral irritants for many people. If you'd like to add these to your blend, simply place 1 tsp of baking soda and/or 5 drops of your preferred essential oil into the bottle and shake/stir well. 

To use: Either dip a clean, wet brush lightly into the bottle or sprinkle a pinch of powder directly onto your brush. No need to apply more water - just place brush in your mouth and it will naturally wet with your saliva as you brush. 

Activated Charcoal can be messy, so use caution and make sure you're standing over a sink while brushing. 

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) with powdered Cloves*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Horsetail^ and Peppermint* (*organic and ^wildcrafted)

This product is packaged in a 1.7oz reusable glass bottle