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Free domestic shipping on orders over $100

Rose Quartz Spray


Crystal Infused • Botanically Infused • Essential Oil Free

Roses have been used in nearly every culture to help connect one's body to the higher energies of peace and love. Rose quartz crystals help awaken the heart and stabilize past traumas, allowing you to more openly give and receive love from others. This spray combines both of these powerful allies to help ground your emotions, rid negativity and connect to unconditional love and acceptance. It also makes a wonderful face toner and is excellent for people with sensitive skin and dry skin that breaks out easily. 

This gorgeous spray is infused with rose quartz crystals and hibiscus flowers to help restore your emotions and reconnect the heart to the divine feminine. The final blend is then combined with calendula infused witch hazel and aloe vera to enhance the nourishing, skin healing properties. Gently spray on your face for a gentle face toner or use as an energetic spray to cleanse your environment and invoke peaceful, loving energies. 

This spray is completely essential oil free and will come packaged in a 2oz reusable glass bottle with a water-resistant label. Please recycle afterwards. 

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol*, Witch Hazel*, Aloe Vera*, Hibiscus*, Calendula*, Rose Quartz crystal infusion (*organic ingredients)