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Mineral Eyeshadow - FERN

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This all natural shimmery eyeshadow is an earthy green color reminiscent of the beautiful ferns and moss that grow in the forests here in the PNW. This gorgeous high-pigment color pairs well with our Runes, Alchemy, Forest and Meadow eyeshadows and can be applied either dry for a gentle glow or wet for a more dramatic look. It makes an excellent eyeliner as well!

We handcraft each of our mineral eyeshadows with natural earth-based ingredients and package each jar with love and care. All of our mineral makeup is vegan-friendly and free from the following ingredients: 








To apply: With the sifter top opened and the cap secured in place, gently tap the jar upside down to disperse the powder to the top. Carefully remove the cap and dab a wet or dry eyeshadow brush into the loose powder. If applying dry, gently tap the brush remove excess powder before use. If applying wet, make sure you blend the eyeshadow well with the wet brush by swirling the brush tip into the powder using the lid as a base.  Start by applying to the inner eyelid and work your way out, applying more powder as needed for additional color and depth. 

Ingredients: Mica, iron oxide, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium myristate (plant based), zinc stearate (plant based). 

This mineral eyeshadow comes packaged in a 10g sifter jar with a matte black lid. 

Please note the the actual hue may vary slightly based on your monitor's color settings.

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