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We value high quality, all natural ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals. We lovingly handcraft our offerings with healing energy and honor mother earth with our ingredients, materials and packaging. 

our newest offering!

Personal Massage Oil • 100mg CBD - no label

This botanically infused oil is handcrafted with organic jojoba oil, marshmallow root and Kava Kava to create a lush, nourishing and gentle personal lubricant. 100mg CBD isolate offers anti-inflammatory benefits that can ease pain, dryness, and irritation while also offering relaxing, calming energy that helps decrease stress and anxiety in the bedroom.  

This blend is also infused with healing rose quartz, carnelian and rose petals to offer loving, positive and energizing crystal energies. 

Use caution with latex condoms - the oil can cause the condom to break. 

Each bottle is packaged in a 1oz glass bottle with a black pump top for easy application. 

This listing doesn’t have a label, which is why it’s discounted 💗


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